Trusted Identity changes the way we do business

With a dyscover Trusted Identity, consumers remain in full control of their identity. A simple integration to the dyscover ecosystem and your customers can enjoy seamless and secure password-less authentication, instant checkout with their trusted identity or a simplified on-boarding process where pre-validated KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) data is readily available - with savings of up to 90%!


dyscover gives the consumer total control of their identity


Your identity is stored securely on your phone or mobile device. You control what makes up your identity, and you control who has access to your identity. You no longer need to trust a centralised 3rd party such as Facebook or Google to manage your identity.


Your identity remains on your phone, and is never shared with anyone without your explicit permission. In fact, you never even have to share your identity with dyscover. We use the latest in cryptography to ensure your identity remains secure, so even if your phone is stolen, your identity remains safe.


Imagine a world where you don't need passwords anymore. Or where you only share the information you want to use your favourite websites and apps. Imagine where no central authority can interfere with or alter your identity. dyscover offers all this and more, giving you the power over your identity you deserve.



A Trusted Identity ecosystem to restore digital trust

We connect consumers and businesses to an ecosystem of identity providers and validators to restore digital trust. Our Trusted Identity ecosystem allows consumers to securely share their validated identity, along with pre-verified KYC and AML data with businesses. Our decentralised ‘Trust Ledger’ underpins and restores the trust between consumers and business.


Reduce your onboarding costs by up to 90%

Using a Trusted Identity from dyscover, you can realise savings of up to 90%, transforming your business and your customer experience.



Like a password manager, with no passwords. SAFER ACCESS TO YOUR FAVOURITE WEB SITE AND APPS



Secure your e-commerce site or app with a trusted identity



Faster and cheaper account opening and loan applications with better kyc/aml


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