Until now, identity has been a guessing game for most e-commerce companies. How do you really know who is buying something on your site or in your app? How do you verify the details they provide? And how do you allow for exceptions where trusted customers exhibit suspicious behaviour? With dyscover you get Identity Certainty, giving you the confidence that the identity you see is the customers true identity.


Customer delight is often underpinned by one principal - simplicity. Offering your customers the ability to checkout using dyscover gives them the freedom to use their verified identity to pre-populate your checkout form, and bypass many of the complex and customer unfriendly fraud checks used today.


Our modern and secure Javascript library enables a quick and secure integration, while our wide range of SDK’s and easy to follow developer documentation gets you up and running in no time.


Send us your details, and one of our team will be in touch shortly to discuss how dyscover can help you reduce friction and eliminate fraud with Identity Certainty.

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